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catherine carpizo


Whether it’s navigating the complexities of medical billing or determining the logical placement of items in a room, Catherine Carpizo has a unique talent for creating order out of chaos. And while she believes there is a scientific element to organizing, what sets Carpizo apart is her talent for melding intuition and ingenuity. “This is just how my brain operates,” she says. Now with a decade plus of experience, Carpizo has evolved her practice to extend far beyond decluttering living and office spaces. This includes assisting victims of large scale emergencies.


During the devastating Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara, Carpizo was helping a Montecito couple sort their belongings for an upcoming move. “The fire was steadily approaching and unpredictable, but I knew we had some time to finish. Eventually, however, the flames were upon us and I ended up advising my clients to evacuate now!” Carpizo says.


Of course, Carpizo’s work is not usually set against the backdrop of a natural disaster. More typically, she’s involved in coaching people during life transitions. “This means,” Carpizo says, “sitting down, listening and then guiding individuals in the right direction by helping them acquire a sense of wonder about what their world could become. It all boils  down to: What is gonna make someone interested in changing their life and how can I help them make this change? That’s why I’m doing this. 

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