Customized Life Management

  • Clutter reduction and improved organization for home & work projects (in-person or virtually)

  • Coaching and accountability for project goals and outcomes

  • Life transition support for families and small businesses

  • Advice on structure & boundaries for time management


Moving In & Out

  • Grouping like items and reducing for downsizing

  • Appraisal of furniture, clothing & personal items

  • Assistance with new home or office move in with rooms/closets/cupboards organized

  • Coordination of moving staff and logistical/emotional support


Interior & Exterior Design + Space Planning Advice

  • Interior design & construction projects

  • Support with communication issues during the project

  • Visual & spatial counseling

  • Exterior landscaping ideas


Estate Management

  • Future life organization plan & management of personal items and property

  • Domestic management--master planning for smooth running household

  • Contacting people for efficient delegation

  • Organization and referencing of documents and follow-up on bills and medical insurance billing



1 Hour Consultation Free of Charge

Hourly rates $80-$100 per hour.