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Cathy entered my life when a personal hardship caused me to reach out for help. Cathy helped me downsize and visualize my wardrobe in a better light. She also greatly improved my office in so many ways. In addition to the various management skills Cathy offered, she was kind, thoughtful and supportive. I am so grateful to have met her. I highly recommend Cathy and look forward to working with her in the near future.

Megan Tancredi, Pasadena 

Cathy is truly the best professional I've ever worked with. Her consultations are free of charge, and by the time Cathy starts working with you, she'll know your taste, style and preferences and teach you how to select things to make your life beautiful. Above all, she’ll help bring your inner world into harmony and bliss. This is not only because Cathy knows what she's doing, it’s also because she listens and connects with you. I'm forever grateful for crossing paths with Cathy. It's been an amazing experience.

Olga Wharton Newman, La Jolla

We used Cathy extensively over the last year. We highly recommend her for her organizational skills, professionalism, discretion, and sincerity to understand and implement her client's needs. Her organizational skills helped us get systematized through the stress of moving our household and office. Nothing is too big a task since she has the resources and connections her clients need. We will definitely use her again in the future.

Tony and Marti Oppenheimer, Santa Barbara

Catherine has been an invaluable support, and an objective observer, coach, and hands-on helper in dealing with many difficult projects. From assisting us in organizing and letting go of paper and belongings, to dealing with health insurance issues and renovation challenges, she enabled us to attain our objectives in a focused, logical and do-able way. I can state unequivocally that Cathy’s positive encouragement has made all the difference in my success!

Lisa Ostendorf, Santa Barbara 

Everyone needs Catherine in their life! She is truly a miracle worker when it comes to organizing and maximizing your space. Even my husband, who was very skeptical at first, said WOW after our closets were completed and couldn’t wait for Catherine to return for our next project – the garage! Catherine is always patient and supportive, thanks to her superior listening skills. She makes your space work for you and is certainly worth every penny.

Lauren Rossi, Point Loma, San Diego

Catherine came into my life at a very stressful time during my recovery from various health problems. She worked wonders with my medical bills by transforming complex situations into progressive steps that anyone could understand. What’s more, Catherine’s compassionate assistance allowed me to heal knowing she was organizing my affairs in a thoughtful, competent and efficient manner. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone.

Arne Groennings, Point Loma  

Cathy was an invaluable resource during our move from Colorado. She assisted with all aspects of the process including the pre-move in furniture placement and planning for our new home, which helped make the transition seamless.  She exudes a calm, joyful energy while in your home and is willing to help in whatever way that’s needed. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Lisa Long, Ojai

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